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Taiwan Waiting Children Program

The Children

Our waiting children from Taiwan have various issues and concerns and they range in age from infant to 14 years. Some have physical special needs, others may have a known history of abuse or neglect, while some are relatively healthy older children. Sibling groups are available, too!

The background information about a child, with varying degrees of detail, includes a social history (often including information on the birthparents), medical reports, developmental reports (depending on the age of the child) and photographs. One of the biggest differences between adopting a waiting child from Taiwan is the information provided about the child’s birth family. After accepting a referral or receiving pre-approval for a child, the family will likely get one or two more updates with photographs of their child.

Time Frames

Once a family has accepted a waiting child from Taiwan and the orphanage also approves the family for the adoption, the dossier can be sent to Taiwan for the beginning of the court process. At this time, the court process is taking from 4-8 months to complete.

After the adoption is finalized in the Taiwanese courts, the family travels to Taiwan to pick up the child, and to obtain an immigrant visa for him/her. Normally the stay in Taiwan is about 5 days. We strongly recommend that both parents travel to Taiwan in order to bring the child home, although under certain circumstances it's possible for only one parent to travel.

Parent Eligibility

Taiwan wishes to work with married couples, married at least 5 years, ideally with no prior marriages, and the age range desired is between the ages of 25-50 although there is some flexibility if you are adopting an older child. It is possible to adopt from Taiwan if you have other children. Exceptions to these guidelines may be considered on a case-by-case basis, so we encourage you to contact us.

Please let us know if you wish to consider a waiting child adoption from Taiwan!