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Heartsent Adoptions, Inc. is a Hague accredited full service, nonprofit, domestic and international adoption agency created to assist adopting individuals in the journey to find their heart's desire - a child to love. We believe in bringing heart to the adoption process, providing support, education and kindness to unite children and parents as permanent and loving families. We have assisted in the placement of children from the United States and around the world, and feel honored to be a part of the miracle of the creation of families.

Hague Accredited by Council on Accreditation

Important Updates and News


 Explore Our Bulgaria Adoption Program! Heartsent's Bulgaria Adoption Program is open. Bulgaria is a well established Hague country, offering several options for our adopting singles and couples, ranging from applying for a young, healthy child to adopting children with minor, correctable medical / emotional needs-- and waiting children of all ages. Gender choice is possible for these beautiful children and sibling groups. Please call Hallie at the Heartsent Orinda office to ask about this program - (925) 254- 8883, and Kirsten Hagen at the Pasadena (Southern CA) office at (626) 793-8333. See details on the International Programs page.

 Our Taiwan Program is open! See the most updated news about Taiwan adoptions on our International Program page or call Flora Lai, Taiwan Program Director, at (925) 254-8883. This program has been steady since we started 19+ years ago, and takes about 1-3 years to complete an adoption of an identified child.

 Colombia Adoption This is the program of choice for our Colombian families; healthy infants and young children are available. Non-Colombian families can also adopt, and our programs in Colombia are all open! Many new children are available for adoption from our favorite Children's Homes in Colombia as well as from orphanages. Also, ICBF is working on a much shorter process in country (2-3weeks) and many newly identified children are now available, both singles and sibling groups.

Domestic Adoption Whether you are an expectant mother looking for a kind and caring process by which you can find a a loving family for your baby, or a single or couple who want to adopt, Heartsent can guide you through the process and provide the services you need for a successful domestic adoption. Click here to know more about the Domestic Adoption Program and process at Heartsent.

Outgoing Adoption Heartsent currently works with international families wishing to adopt a U.S. newborn through our Outgoing Program of Adoptions. Call Mollie Kastner, Domestic and Outgoing Program Director, at (925) -254-8883 for full details on how to work with this program to add a newborn baby to your family!

Papal Payment Option

Please call the Heartsent office at (925) 254 8883 to inquire about the option to pay fees through Paypal.